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  • This ministry is open to all parishioners; men and women; senior citizen, parent and teenager.

    Ushers are friendly people who welcome all ages and nationalities. Their faith enables them to see Christ's presence in individuals and in the gathered community of believers. Ushers are honest and dependable. They can handle emergency situations with courage and composure. They carry a dignity about themselves even when performing menial tasks. Those duties include:

    • Greeting parishioners as they enter for worship

    • Selecting a family to make the Offertory presentation

    • Assisting in the seating of parishioners and guests

    • Maintenance of the climate control system during Mass

    • Taking up the Offertory collection

    • Cleaning up the church after Mass, collecting excess bulletins and papers left behind in the pews

    • Handling emergency situations with courage and composure

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