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Bags with a BLESSING

Bags with a prayer card will be available & sent out to the schools, nursing homes, hospitals, homeless & other areas in the community.

Donation List:

Travel Size Items:

Chapstick, Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, First Aid Kits, Nail Clippers/Nail Files, Deodorant, Soap/Body wash, Facial Wet Wipes, Shampoo/Conditioner, Comb. Sunscreen, Toothpaste, Floss, and Q-tips.

Individually Wrapped Items:

Toothbrush, Tampons/Pads, Hand Warmers, Band Aids, Mints/Gum.

New Items Only:

Underwear (Children sizes only), Socks, Hats/Gloves/Scarf.

Other Items:

Lice Kits, Zip Lock Bags, Prayer Cards.

Project Sponsored By:

Catholic Women's Group

A Group For all Women

St. John The Evangelist

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